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Ron Gilliland, Your Career and Transition Coach

You are going to need a Powerful Personal Plan to make the changes necessary to get the recognition and opportunity you deserve in your career.

As a Coach, your goals are my goals. What’s important to you is important to me. I am your accountability and thought partner.

Begin the journey of Cultivating Awareness – for the sake of gaining clarity as to not only what you want to do, but WHY and how your why connects to the life and life experience you want.

Cultivating Awareness has become a Guiding Principle upon which I have continued to rely – whether it’s about career, love, health, or fun. Cultivating Awareness keeps me awake so that I can make Powerful Choices and Powerful Plans – no matter what challenges or opportunities come my way.

My guess is you are becoming more aware of what is working and not working for you in your career, but more likely, you’ve been struggling with wanting to make a career change for quite a while.

Without awareness, we risk going unconscious in our lives – that’s when you can find yourself in trouble – or worst yet – up a career ladder that’s leaning against the wrong building!

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